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The Middle East is the future of renewable energy

Overseas resource acquisition [opportunity] aim th assets such as ... Middle East look forward renewable energy Middle East, North Africa (MENA) region, the world's crude oil reserves of more than half, in addition to being a minute or more of the home of the natural gas supply amount, there at any time of the most demanding energy consuming countries in the world. This trend is seen as the future last for years. According to the Oxford Energy Research Institute (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies), Asia and the sequence MENA region has been until the 00's from today, to account for the largest share of the growth rate in energy consumption of the world prediction. Rapid industrialization, explosive population growth, the momentum of the large investments in infrastructure, has been expected to demand each year up to 00 years at a minimum is increased. As a result, for local governments to offset the consumption of precious fossil fuel, as an alternative, we recognize that must be introduced into a sustainable and reliable energy source, we plan to achieve this .